Does Your Salisbury Home Need Moisture Control?

As we often find ourselves in crawl spaces and basements, Peeler Environmental is all too familiar with moisture issues. It is quite common for homes in Salisbury to have high levels of moisture in their crawl space or basement, although the frequency and severity have seemed to increase in recent years. Some households experience conditions that reach 20% or higher, which may significantly encourage the growth of mildew, mold, fungus, and rot

These problems are more than just skin deep. Rotting wood obviously weakens the structural integrity of your home but may also invite general pest problems and wood-destroying insect problems such as termite infestations. The NC Cooperative Extension Service estimates that moisture causes more than one billion dollars in repair costs for damages to homes annually, ranging from minor damage like peeling paint to major problems such as rot or crumbing floor joists. 

Moisture issues can also affect your health and wellness. We understand that people with asthma and weaker immune systems may be more susceptible to respiratory problems, but moldy homes with damp indoor environments could even impact healthy families. In 2004 the Institute of Medicine found sufficient evidence to link exposure to mold and damp indoor environments to upper respiratory problems in otherwise healthy people. Your family may be needlessly suffering from high levels of moisture that make them sicker for longer. 

Peeler Environmental believes basement and crawlspace moisture control should be accessible to all homeowners in Salisbury. We offer affordable, proven methods that eliminate mold and moisture and ultimately improve your indoor air quality. Considered one of the highest-quality moisture control companies in Salisbury, we provide a thorough inspection of the lowest places in your home, along with year-round moisture control, mold remediation, and long-term moisture prevention services. 

As soon as you're ready for moisture control in Salisbury, get in touch with Peeler Environmental. Our specialists will work quickly to stop your moisture damage in its tracks and provide you with a quote as soon as possible.

Crawlspace Moisture Control Services From Peeler Environmental

At Peeler Environmental, we aren't just concerned with reducing excess moisture and removing mold – we work on preventing these conditions from forming in the first place. We address moisture in buildings in a variety of ways and always look for the best possible way to protect you, your loved ones, and your building. 

Every crawl space moisture control service from Peeler Environmental begins with a simple inspection. We need to see what we are working with first, and we will then give a quote that accurately reflects the required work and the time it takes to do it right. If you're currently working with us to manage a termite infestation, we'll apply moisture control solutions after addressing the infestation at hand. 

Peeler Environmental's number one product is your peace of mind. We offer encapsulated crawl spaces and conditioned crawl spaces that control moisture via: 

  • Poly vapor barriers, which reduce the amount of moisture that rises from the ground to the subfloor of the home. 
  • Foundation ventilators, which are moisture control devices that increase airflow through your crawl space and wick away excess humidity. 
  • Conditioned crawl spaces with dehumidifiers, which remove tiny water droplets in the air that may be worsening your conditions. 
  • Sump pump installations, which move water out of your basement and expels it around the exterior of the home. 
  • Foundation drains, which channels water away from your foundation and deposits it somewhere else. 

Each of these options can better enforce exterior moisture control over time, lessening the conditions that cause the deterioration of materials and the attraction of pest infestations. Adequate treatments will prevent mold and fungi from forming within the building, stop pest infestations in their tracks, and provide the best possible moisture control beneath your home – whether in a crawl space or a basement. 

You're welcome to chat about any of these services by contacting Peeler Environmental today. Submit an online contact form to get an estimate right away. 

Call Peeler Environmental For Crawlspace Moisture Control In Salisbury, NC

Crawlspace moisture control is an important measure of protection for life in North Carolina. From pest infestations to mold growth to long-term sickness and disease, a little protection can go a long way in defending the ones you love. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

If your Salisbury home doesn't currently have any moisture control products installed, or if your older solutions are no longer making the cut, don't wait for things to get worse. Instead, get in touch with the professionals at Peeler Environmental to schedule a service and receive an accurate quote. Complete our simple online contact form, and a professional will get back to you as soon as possible.