What Concord Property Owners Ought To Know About Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetle

Most Concord property owners know a thing or two about termites but not enough about powderpost beetles. Powderpost beetles are almost as detrimental as termites, yet people hardly talk about them. These black or brown beetles are small, ⅛ to ¾ of an inch long, and feed on wood, reducing it to a flour-like powder. Like termites, they also travel below the surface of the wood and create tunnels. Often, a powderpost beetle infestation isn't realized until there's powder found.

In this blog, we tell you what to look out for when looking for a powderpost beetle infestation, how much damage they can create, how to deter them from coming back, and what Concord pest control company to call to eradicate the problem fast.

How To Identify Signs Of Powderpost Beetles

Identifying powderpost beetles can be just as challenging as finding termites. More often than not, signs of a termite or powderpost beetle infestation are hidden from plain sight for a long time. Some sure signs of powderpost beetles on your property include:

  • Flour-like powder found near or on wood or wooden structures.
  • Small, round "shot holes" in the surface of the wood. These holes occur when adult beetles have completed their development and then chew their way out of the wood.
  • Finding crumbling or decaying wood for no apparent reason.
  • Finding tiny powderpost beetle droppings on windowsills, furniture, or porches.

If you find any of these powderpost beetle signs, you must seek professional help immediately before it's too late.

The Extent Of Damage Powderpost Beetles Can Create

Like termites, powderpost beetles can significantly damage your property and should be taken just as seriously as termites. Powderpost beetles have a one to two-year lifespan and can continually reinfest structural wood. Eventually, this can cause structural damage. 

Most beetle infestations occur in the spring or summer and usually die out of their own accord. However, they can just as easily come back during their next cycle and continue to damage property. Powderpost beetle damage consists of chewing through flooring, wooden beams, wood furniture, walls, and more. The key to preventing severe property damage is to detect the problem early and get proper treatment for powderpost beetles.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles are often brought in through lumber or manufactured items, such as flooring, furniture, cabinetry, etc. Infestations tend to occur when wood is sawn into lumber and then sits in storage for a long period during transit. It's important to inspect any wood you purchase before it enters your home. 

In addition, powderpost beetles are more likely to infest unfinished wood than stained wood. Generally, staining, finishing, or sealing the wood in some way will help prevent powderpost beetles from attacking.

Moisture control is another important factor to consider when preventing these beetles. Like termites, these pests need a lot of moisture to survive. In order to keep them from returning, be sure to remove any excess moisture around wooden structures. Install a moisture barrier in your crawl space or use a dehumidifier in your attic and basement.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Powderpost Beetles

While powderpost beetles are a lesser-known evil than termites, they can certainly still do some serious damage to your property. If you've found clumps of powder around your house, small holes in wood, or even discovered some powderpost beetles yourself, don't hesitate to call Peeler Environmental. We'd be more than happy to bring your Concord home back to its peaceful, beetle-free state.

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