Why You Should Contact Peeler Environmental: Property Owners Deserve Pest Control They Can Trust

If you have attempted fire ant control on your own, you have likely discovered how challenging it can be to eradicate these pests. Finding a fire ant mound in your yard is definitely a cause for concern. Fire ants damage your landscaping and threaten your family and pets with their aggressive nature.  

We recommend professional fire ant control for your Salisbury home due to the complexity of treating these pests and their safety concerns. At Peeler Environmental, our highly trained pest management professionals are here to help with the most effective ant control methods available. Our fire ant control services can make your backyard safe and enjoyable again.  

Being a family-owned company, we can provide benefits that the big companies can't compete with, like personalized treatments that work specifically for your property. It helps to use a local company with experience in fire ant control near you to ensure proper species identification and treatment. 

Our expert technicians take part in continuing education to be sure we are using the most up-to-date techniques for each pest we treat. We believe in superior customer service and guarantee your satisfaction; if you have any trouble between services, we will gladly come out and re-treat.

The Problem With Having Fire Ants In Your Yard

Disturbing a fire ant mound in your yard can turn a beautiful outdoor day into a nightmare. These troublesome pests are becoming a common problem here in Salisbury. An unsuspecting person may disturb a mound and find out how much trouble they can be. 

Here are some characteristics of fire ants and the problems they can cause:

  • Fire ant stings: When people talk about fire ant bites, they're really referring to the painful stings inflicted when their nest is disturbed. Accidentally disturbing a fire ant mound in your yard can send their workers scrambling to defend the nest, and you will likely receive numerous painful stings. 
  • Fire ants may hitch a ride onto your property; carefully check all potted plants and shrubs before bringing them home. 
  • Fire ants are not a problem you can ignore; they will not go away on their own. An undisturbed nest can grow to 10,000 individual worker ants in just one year.
  • Outdoor ant control is critical for fire ants; if they get inside your house, they become a more dangerous problem for your family and pets.

If you suspect these pests are around your property, promptly contacting a company with experience in fire ant control near you can save you a lot of trouble.

How To Keep Fire Ants Out Of Your Home and Yard: Homeowners Edition

Professional fire ant control for your Salisbury home is the safest and most effective ant control option. These pests are notoriously hard to treat and eliminate. Using the wrong treatment can compound the problem; what was once one or two nests can become a dozen overnight.

Prevention is a fundamental part of outdoor ant control. Eliminate potential nesting sites by keeping your yard clean and well-maintained. Remove any old landscaping materials that fire ants may nest under, reduce excess vegetation and clear away debris. 

If you suspect an infestation in your yard, take care not to approach a nest or attempt to solve it alone. Fire ant stings are painful, and persons allergic to insect stings will react more severely to fire ant "bites." 

At Peeler Environmental, our pest management professionals will thoroughly inspect your property before treatment to determine the specific species of red ants you have and then devise a course of action to eliminate them. Call us today to learn more about our fire ant control services so that you can reclaim your yard and your peace of mind.