Professional Pest Control In Lexington, NC

Few people have the privilege of visiting a city like Lexington, NC. Just 20 miles south of the bustling town of Winston-Salem, this town has quickly become known as the 'Barbecue Capitol of the World.' Tourists flock to the area during the summer to sample a platter of smoked ribs and pulled pork and visit the city's surrounding natural beauty and nearby attractions.

Unfortunately, Lexington's tourist population does not consist of just people and pets. In fact, thanks to our seasonal rainfall levels and increasingly temperate climate, pests are becoming regular travelers both to and from our city. Termites, in particular, pose an especially tough challenge, as Lexington's moisture problem only increases as the years go by.

Peeler Environmental is extremely aware of these burgeoning problems and strives to alleviate them for as many locals as possible. Serving central North Carolina with decades of combined experience, we offer pest control in Lexington designed to stop pests before, during, and after an infestation. We prefer to look at your entire pest issue rather than just a small piece, a process reflected in every home, business, or specialty property we protect.

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Residential Pest Control In Lexington

The more we understand Lexington's growing pest population, the easier it is to create solutions that address them. Peeler Environmental takes our approach to Integrated Pest Management very seriously and offers residential pest control services in Lexington designed to target and eliminate problem species fast. Our team achieves maximum efficiency for all our clients by relying on a mix of preventive treatments and corrective applications. Once we apply our solutions to your home, we ensure you'll remain pest-free for many years to come.

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Commercial Pest Control In Lexington

Pest control has a unique dynamic in commercial settings. Not only do pests threaten the health and safety of your employees, but they can also cause extensive damage to your business's inventory and reputation. You need to partner with a professional team with all your needs in mind and work alongside your industry and use case to develop a defense against pests.

Peeler Environmental has many years of experience understanding and solving business-related pest issues, which is why we specialize in quality commercial pest control services in Lexington and beyond. Our termite control treatments are some of the most effective in the area, and we offer a myriad of general services to keep your property clean and clear. If you need assistance removing a bug in your building, trust Peeler Environmental to get it back out again!

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The Importance Of Keeping The Moisture In Your Lexington Home Under Control

Moisture is Lexington's sworn enemy when it comes to pest problems. Unfortunately, many of our homes have outdated designs that favor excess moisture retention, and our clay-based soil typically redirects runoff to the foundation of our homes. Excessive water buildup leads to a wide range of issues, from buckling wood floors to mold and mildew to waterlogged support beams, which make pests like termites feel right at home!

The best way to prevent moisture from affecting your Lexington home is to install a variety of drains, pipes, pumps, and encapsulation products in your crawl space and basement. At Peeler Environmental, we've specialized in moisture mitigation for North Carolina homes for many years and counting. If you live in Lexington, we can provide all of this and more!

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What Brings Termites To Homes In Lexington?

Are you currently struggling with a termite infestation in Lexington? There are many reasons why this may have come to pass. Termites love excess moisture and humidity both inside and outside your home, and although they cannot survive without water, they may also be attracted to your premises if:

  • There is excessive soil-to-wood contact outside the home (such as mulch near the foundation of your house).
  • Excessive amounts of wood products (i.e., firewood piles) have been left unmaintained around the property.
  • Your home has substantial cracks or other entry points near basements or windows.

If you believe you currently have termites eating away at your Lexington property, don't hesitate to contact Peeler Environmental for a full termite control estimate. We'll devise a plan to eliminate the source of the problem and keep these pests away for good.