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Pest Control in Concord, NC

If you are looking for suburban living near Charlotte, North Carolina, Concord is your place. Just 20 miles from the heart of Charlotte, Concord is a great place to live, work, shop, and play, with easy access to downtown and everything a major city offers. This picturesque town is even better if you're a race fan since Concord is home to the world-famous Charlotte Motor Speedway. Unfortunately, Concord is also home to a variety of pests that can quickly ruin all that is great about living here.   

At Peeler Environmental, we understand the pest problems that people and businesses in our area face because we have over 56 years of experience with pest control in Salisbury and the surrounding area. We take pride in providing high-quality pest control in Concord, focusing on putting the customer first. Call us today to learn how our experience can protect your home and business. 

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Residential Pest Control In Concord

Living in Concord means a break from downtown Charlotte's hustle and noise. It means you can go home after a long day and relax and unwind with your family in peace and quiet. But if you have pest problems in your Concord home, it can be impossible to relax and feel comfortable. Pests make it hard to enjoy your time at home and can also be destructive and dangerous, threatening your family and costing your money. 

A home pest control plan from Peeler Environmental can help keep your home and family protected against pests and give you peace of mind. We use Integrated Pest Management treatment plans to quickly eliminate common pests from your home and keep them from returning. And you can rest assured that all our home pest control treatments are safe for people and pets. You can relax and feel comfortable at home without worrying about pests and the problems they can cause. 

Commercial Pest Control In Concord

As a small local business ourselves, we understand the issues that companies in our area face. We want to do everything we can to help your business run smoothly, and for us, that means keeping you protected from pests and the issues they can cause. 

We also understand that every business is different and has different pest control needs. That is why we customize commercial pest control plans to meet your business's exact situation. We have experience designing pest control plans for a variety of local business structures, including:

  • Apartments
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Banks
  • Medical Offices
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Schools
  • Childcare Facilities
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Government Buildings
  • And Many More

Whatever your business, we can offer a custom commercial pest control plan to keep it running pest-free. Call us today and let us take pest control worries off your plate, so you can focus on running your business and making more money. 

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Moisture Control Services in Concord

The mistake most property owners make when it comes to pest control is forgetting to address the factors that attract infestations in the first place. Pests aren’t just drawn to your property by the food in your cupboards or the scraps in your trash cans; they are also drawn in by the presence of moisture in and around your home. 

Moisture buildup can also lead to mold, mildew, and fungus growing around your property, particularly in areas that tend to be poorly ventilated such as basements and crawl spaces. This leads to property damage and can cause negative health effects. Moisture damage can also open up new access points that future pest populations can use to invade. 

Proper moisture control is the best way to mitigate this attractant of pests, which is why Peeler Environmental specializes in moisture exclusion services in the Concord area. Here’s what you can expect from our moisture control service: 

  • Inspection: To know the full scope of your moisture concerns, we inspect your property inside and out, paying particular attention to storage areas. 
  • Installation: We use vapor barriers that reduce the amount of moisture that evaporates into your home from the ground. We also use sump pumps and dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture that has already built up. 
  • Drains and ventilation: If needed, we can also use techniques that drain water away from your home and increase airflow to prevent future buildup. 

Learn more about our moisture control services and how they can help your Concord home avoid pests. Contact Peeler Environmental today. 

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Termite Exterminators in Concord

Known as the "Silent Destroyers," termites are terrible pests for Concord homeowners. They eat away at your home from the inside out, doing thousands of dollars in damages before you are even aware of their presence. Sometimes, it can be years before you know you have a termite problem, and they've already done the damage by then. 

At Peeler Environmental, we offer complete termite control to keep your home protected from these destructive pests. Our termite control plans include eradicating existing termites on your property and preventing future termite problems. We also offer pretreatment for new construction. 

If you are worried about termites and the issues that they can cause around your home, call us today for a termite inspection, and let us implement a termite plan for your home that is guaranteed to keep your house free of these wood-eating pests.

Bed Bugs Exterminators in Concord

Living in a beautiful, clean, suburban community like Concord, you probably don't think much about bed bugs. In your mind, bed bugs are a problem at dirty old motels and overcrowded apartment complexes in packed cities. While these are common hot spots, bed bugs can also be problematic in residential areas like Concord. 

Keeping your home clean doesn't guarantee protection from bed bugs. They are excellent hitchhikers that can easily move from place to place. Below are some ways bed bugs enter homes and other structures:

  • On your clothes or luggage after staying in a hotel or using public transportation
  • On newly purchased clothing, especially from thrift stores
  • On secondhand furniture or mattresses that 
  • On your work clothes, if your office has a bed bug problem 
  • On your duffel bag if you take it to the gym

If bed bugs do sneak into your home, call us right away. Bed bug services are an intense process that requires multiple treatments from professional technicians like our experts at Peeler Environmental. Our bed bug control plan can get you back to sleeping comfortably in your bed.

Insulation Installation in Concord

The issues we’ve touched on here can be prevented by being proactive in protecting your property. Insulation is one of the first things that gets damaged by excess moisture or fungus and mold growth. That leads to the problem quickly growing throughout your walls. 

Not only can Peeler Environmental replace damaged infrastructure, but our insulation actually provides you with more protection against future buildup than the insulation that’s typically installed during construction. 

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and going the extra mile for our customers, which is why we don’t just stop at your attic. Instead, we extend our insulation services to your crawl spaces, as these areas tend to be overlooked by people, even though they are often used as a first point of invasion for pests and moisture. 

Learn more about how insulation installation from Peeler Environmental can save you from headaches in the long run by contacting us today. 

Mold Remediation Services in Concord

People get so worried about harboring pests on their property that they forget about the other threats to their health and property. Fungi can grow in your yard and impact the health of your lawn, but they can also grow inside your property. 

Just like rot caused by mold or mildew, a fungus problem can result in damage to structural wood and even impact your health as spores permeate your living spaces. But whether you need fungus control right away or want to get started on services that prevent the risk of buildup, Peeler Environmental can assist you. 

We offer crawlspace remediation services that address mold or fungus that may already be growing, sometimes without you even knowing it. Plus, we offer moisture exclusion and insulation installations that protect your property in the long term. It’s better to get started on a professional inspection early on, not wait for it to be a problem later on. 

Don’t let fungus or mold impact your Concord property; turn to Peeler Environmental for remediation services. 

Mosquito Exterminators in Concord

Some pests are a threat to every homeowner. Mosquitoes not only breed in larger numbers in warm, humid climates like the American South but they are attracted to all yards because they feed on people and animals directly. 

As parasites, mosquitoes use their needle-like proboscises to puncture the skin and draw out the nutrients in our bloodstream. Not only does this lead to red, itchy bite marks, but it can actually contribute to the spread of diseases like West Nile virus and malaria. Because of their feeding habits, all homes are at risk for mosquitoes, which is why all homeowners need to take proper mosquito control seriously. 

At Peeler Environmental, we can treat yards with mist-application solutions, going over your entire property and not just where mosquitoes happen to be that day. We know how to look for harborage areas around plants and sources of water in your yard, as well as where to apply treatments that address mosquito eggs. 

This comprehensive approach ensures the entire mosquito population is gone. We can even provide longer-term protection with perimeter and yard treatments that repel future mosquito infestations. It’s better to avoid mosquitoes and the health hazards they bring, so let Peeler Environmental help you keep mosquitoes away in Concord by contacting us today. 

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