Does Your Salisbury Home Need Termite Control?

Are you hearing tapping sounds in the walls or noticing holes around baseboards and walls? What about finding shed wings near windows or mud tunnels around the house? If all of these symptoms are seen together at once, or if you can’t shake the feeling of malaise around your home, there’s no doubt that a termite infestation may have already taken over your Salisbury home. 

Termite activity can go undetected for years without periodic inspections. These insects typically have reduced feeding activity in colder weather, but a mild winter allows them to feed throughout the year. The evidence of their ongoing activity may include the following: 

  • Wood damaged by termites always has remains of mud tubes (approximately the diameter of a pencil) attached to wood galleries or tunnels in an irregular pattern. In the case of an active colony, you may find white termites may inside infested wood. 
  • The presence of flying males, females, or their shed wings inside the building indicates an infestation. 
  • Circles of what looks like ‘water damage’ on ceilings, especially in areas that may not normally experience a pest infestation, are likely termite damage. 
  • Tight-fitting doors and windows that don’t close properly, especially around the outskirts of the property, indicate termites. 

It is usually beyond the ability of an untrained person to attempt an effective termite treatment. There are products available for the surface treatment of infested wood, but they will not protect the interior parts of the wood nor prevent further infestations. Only a thorough inspection by a trained professional can show where termites are and effectively eradicate them. 

This is where Peeler Environmental comes in. After years of service to Salisbury and all surrounding areas, we have what it takes to get rid of termites at any stage of infestation. You can count on us for a prevention service, gain peace of mind from our treatments and remediation, and rest easy in our extended warranty program that ensures a termite-free future!

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How We Apply Your Termite Control Solutions

Peeler Environmental offers exceptional termite control for Salisbury, NC, and surrounding areas. Our services include the complete prevention and eradication of termites and other wood-destroying insects.

We offer: 

  • Pretreatments to new structures under construction. 
  • Posttreatments for existing structures that lack the proper defenses. 
  • An extended warranty program that guarantees you will never have termites again! 

All termite treatments must begin with an initial inspection. An on-the-ground inspection allows us to better understand your needs and identify the pests in question. We’ll look for colonies and mud tunnels, identify conducive conditions, and showcase possible areas you may want to protect or resolve moving forward. 

Now we move on to the treatment portion of our service. Termite control from Peeler Environmental kicks off with trenched ditches, which are strategically placed around your crawl space and foundation to provide the greatest level of defense against termites. We then apply our termite product, which includes both liquid and baiting protection, to each of the trenches and finalize the placement process. 

Peeler Environmental will return to your home three weeks later to follow up on your service. We’ll investigate the area, check for signs of effectiveness, then provide you with an airtight warranty that you can renew once per year. Our ironclad termite warranty is the talk of Salisbury and offers everything you need to support a safe and consistently pest-free home. 

Do you need something other than a termite control treatment? Peeler Environmental also offers general termite inspections to prevent and correct any pest problems found around your property. We also offer WDIR (Wood Destroying Insect Report) Inspections, which get you ready for a real estate transaction as quickly and safely as possible.  

Termite control in Salisbury begins and ends with Peeler Environmental. Whether you’re looking for a real estate WDIR inspection, a termite pretreatment, or a post-treatment remediation, trust that our crew has the tools necessary to get it done right. Reach out to our team online to book a service right away.

Peeler Environmental Is Standing By For Termite Control In Salisbury

You’ve never seen termite control solutions like the ones offered by Peeler Environmental. We don’t just eliminate termites from your home; we stop them from crossing the threshold entirely. 

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