Quality Pest Control In Kannapolis, NC

Kannapolis is a thriving suburban-style city that’s home to attractions like the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame, good public schools, and a range of outdoor spaces like golf courses and neighborhood parks. Many individuals and families choose to live in Kannapolis for the high quality of life that it provides as well as its close proximity to Charlotte. Part of living in a city, however, is potential exposure to pest problems throughout the year.

At Peeler Environmental, we have more than 50 years of experience bringing quality pest control in Kannapolis to local homeowners and businesses. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business now in our third generation. Everything that we do is driven by our commitment to the community and always taking care of our customers. We follow Integrated Pest Management methods, use EPA-approved products for reduced risk, and provide stellar customer support as well. For more information on our services, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Kannapolis

Any type of pest problem can be stressful when it happens in your home. At Peeler Environmental, we provide reliable pest control in Kannapolis to ensure that your home is always protected. We are a family-owned business with more than 50 years in operation, so we will always care for your home like it was ours. When you need us, we’ll be there for you with reliable customer support.

Our residential program operates on a quarterly basis in order to prevent future outbreaks from developing. We perform detail-oriented services that tend to places like baseboards, crawl spaces, foundations, and more. In addition to this program, we offer services like termite control and insulation installation. To further ensure your safety, we abide by Integrated Pest Management methods and use reduced-risk EPA-approved products. And as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. To learn more about our Kannapolis residential pest control process, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Kannapolis

At Peeler Environmental, we have more than 50 years of experience providing pest control in Kannapolis. Our business is now in its third generation of family ownership and everything we do is in service to our customers. We know that as a business owner yourself, there’s a lot that you need to do in order to keep things running smoothly. Rather than waste your time and money trying to handle your pest problems, let us help. By having a pest expert in your corner, you’ll benefit from the swift elimination of infestations as well as a proactive approach to new ones. When you have a pest-free property, it’ll be safer and more professional.

Our services are based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management. Our approach will benefit you by always providing tailored services, monitoring your property closely, and addressing the root cause of your pest problems. We also only use EPA-approved treatments so they are reduced risk and safe for your property. For more information on our commercial pest control services in Kannapolis, please call us today.

Can Bed Bugs In Kannapolis Carry Diseases?

The bed bugs in Kannapolis spread from property to property very easily. Sometimes this occurs from bringing home an infested couch, while other times it happens when a person brings bed bugs into their place of work. It’s important to note that bed bugs feed off of human blood at night while people are sleeping. They feed for up to ten minutes to access the blood that they need in order to reproduce. The results of these feedings are tiny red bumps, which often appear in small clusters. Luckily for people who live in infested homes, bed bugs are not affiliated with any particular diseases.

That said, the bites that they leave behind can produce discomfort, which can cause lots of scratching. A result of too much scratching can include skin infections and further irritation. Some people who live in infested homes may also suffer from allergies and asthma. This comes from the presence of feces and other bed bug byproducts.  For complete bed bug control in Kannapolis, call Peeler Environmental today.

Why Choose Insulation Installation For Your Kannapolis Property

Insulation is an integral part of keeping your Kannapolis property safe. While it’s not a part of your property that you actively see or notice, you can’t live without it. This is, however, a procedure that is best left to the professionals because of the skills, tools, and knowledge that it requires. Some of the specific benefits that come with having insulation installation include:

  • Protection from pest invaders
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Helps maintain a more temperate climate in your property
  • Less noise pollution
  • Decreases your carbon footprint, which is better for the environment
  • Increased property value

At Peeler Environmental, we provide insulation installation for both homeowners and businesses. Our services are backed by more than 50 years of experience and the highest-quality tools in the business. These services will improve your quality of life and save your wallet in the long term. For more information on insulation installation in Kannapolis, please call us today. 

A Step-By-Step Approach To Getting Rid Of Fire Ants In Kannapolis

Fire ants are one of the most unwanted and aggressive pests in Kannapolis. These stinging insects vigorously defend their nest at the slightest provocation and attack in a swarm using venomous stings that have been known to send individuals to the hospital.

Given that fire ants are so aggressive and their stings are so painful, infestations can be serious. Here are some ways you can help deter infestations and prevent having to deal with them:

  • Seal garbage: Open garbage cans create an easy food source for fire ants and other pests. Using cans with tight-fitting lids can help prevent fire ants and other insects from being drawn to your property. 
  • Eliminate clutter: Many types of insects are attracted to clutter and the sheltered areas it can provide for them. Keeping your yard clean and well-maintained can help to make it less attractive to fire ants and other pests looking for a place to nest.
  • Limit mulch: Mulch provides an ideal habitat for fire ants, and they will readily build their homes in it. Prevent this by limiting the use of mulch as much as possible on your property to keep these pests at bay.  
  • Seal your home: While they are primarily outdoor pests, you don't want fire ants coming inside your home. Seal any gaps or cracks in your exterior to prevent them from entering and delivering painful stings. 
  • Call us: Peeler Environmental is hands-down one of the most experienced pest control companies serving Kannapolis. If you're looking to keep fire ants off of your property, we can help. 

Peeler Environmental is Kannapolis' longtime ant control expert. If you have fire ants you want removed, we're the team to call. Get in touch with us today to request a free quote and get started on our fire ant control services in Kannapolis.

The Silent Destroyer: Understanding Moisture Damage In Kannapolis

Many of us think of pests as the most dangerous invaders of our homes. However, water can be a much more damaging invader, especially when left alone for long periods of time.

Bacteria, fungi, and molds can form when parts of your home are exposed to extended moisture. This can lead to extensive damage to your home's structure and necessitate expensive repairs.

Moisture-related problems are some of the most difficult issues to repair on your own. Thankfully, the moisture control services of Peeler Environmental can help you quickly put a stop to invading water and the issues it causes for Kannapolis properties.

Don't let encroaching moisture put a damper on your ability to enjoy your home. Let Peeler Environmental fix moisture problems before the damage progresses. Give us a call today to request a customized estimate and find out more about how we can protect your home from moisture-related damages.

How To Termite-Proof Your Attic And Crawl Space In Kannapolis

Termites are one of the most destructive pests in all of North Carolina. The mere mention of termites is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most homeowners, and for good reason.

While the experts at Peeler Environmental can help you rid your property of invading termites, the ideal solution is to keep termites from getting inside in the first place.

Here are some ways to help prevent termites from making a meal out of your home:

  • Seal entry points: Termites gladly exploit access points in order to get inside your home. Check for cracks in your foundation, gaps around windows and doors, and other places where termites could be making their way inside. 
  • Eliminate water sources: Wet areas around your home can invite termites to establish colonies on your property. Maintain drainage systems, fix leaks, and increase ventilation to minimize high moisture areas in and around your home. 
  • Limit mulch: Termites love mulch. It holds moisture and contains the cellulose they need to survive. Adding less to your property or eliminating it completely can reduce your risks for infestation. 
  • Regular inspections: Consistently inspect your property and structures for any signs of active termites to catch infestations early. It's also helpful to get a professional inspection once a year to ensure your home stays protected from these destructive pests. 

Homeowners in Kannapolis may fear termites, but termites fear Peeler Environmental. One call is all it takes to bring our experience to the table for any termite problem. Contact us today to learn more about our termite control services in Kannapolis.

The Best Way To Deter Mosquitoes From Your Yard In Kannapolis

Frustrated with mosquito activity in Kannapolis? It's time to deter them from your yard. Reducing moisture, standing water, and shady groves is a great place to start.

However, going through the motions of mosquito prevention isn't always a foolproof solution for large populations. That's why turning to Peeler Environmental is the best way to protect your property (and loved ones) from mosquito attacks.

Don't risk your family's health and safety with above-average mosquito activity. Instead, call Peeler Environmental to get a plan for mosquito control in Kannapolis. Just call us today, and let us impress you with our service and professionalism.