It's so exciting to start getting ready for the holidays, decking the halls to provide the setting for a jolly time. Friends and family are coming to visit, and you want your home to be in its best and most beautiful condition. With all of the work you're putting in, it wouldn't be fair for pests to be scurrying around and messing up your holiday decor.

That's why our professionals at Peeler Environmental are here to help you during this festive season. By calling on professional pest control in Concord, you're setting the holiday scene in a way that it won't get interrupted by unwelcome guests. Take care of the pests before your guests arrive, so you can all enjoy a pest-free environment together! 

It's Time To Start Decorating Your Home For The Holidays

You can see it everywhere – the holiday spirit is in full swing! It's that special time of year when we adorn our homes with decor that makes a statement. We're getting our decorations out of storage and hoping they're still in pristine condition.

But what happens when you find food in your Christmas tree bag that lets you know mice were nesting there? Or do you see that termites got into your beautiful wooden items? Or have bed bugs made your seasonal blankets their new home?

Or what if your holiday aesthetic is shaping up nicely, but ants are crawling around, or flies are ruining the festive atmosphere?

That's when you need residential pest control to get your environment back to the way you want it to be!

The Many Pests That Can Affect Your Holiday Decor

Unfortunately, there are a variety of pests in Concord that want to come to your holiday soiree. Rodents are one of the most notorious of these pests, and they want to pick at your charcuterie board.

Mice are a common rodent that can take up residence in your holiday home. They leave droppings, contaminate food and surfaces, and can even spread a variety of diseases. Needless to say, they're not an asset to your seasonal vibes.

Termites can try to join your party, too, eating up your wooden ornaments. If left unattended, they can even take a serious toll on the structure of your home.

Bed bugs can hitchhike their way to get inside without an invite. They love your winter blankets and can spread so quickly that they can really make your holiday party their own.

If ants are crawling around while you're cooking, they can contaminate your food or the surfaces you're using. They can even strip away the insulation on your electrical wires, causing a Christmas light faux pas that could potentially have negative consequences.

Flies can make any relaxing evening an annoying one, and are an especially unwelcome presence during these times. They can also contaminate food and surfaces, and shouldn't be bringing down your festive mood.

Residential pest control services in Concord can take care of all of these pests for you, so you can enjoy your home for the holidays!

Simple Tips To Prevent Pests In Your Holiday Decorations

There are some simple measures you can take to stop pests from getting in your holiday decor.

  • Seal decorations in pest-proof containers.
  • Keep a clean environment with no food residue.
  • Seal food in pest-proof containers.
  • Thoroughly inspect second-hand items before use.
  • Dispose of garbage properly and frequently.
  • Seal cracks and crevices on your property.

Sealing your belongings and food can get rid of factors attracting some of these pests. Keeping your home clean and garbage-free will also stop bringing them inside. Sealing up their entry points will also help immensely in reducing the presence of all of these unwelcome guests.

These actions will help stop pests from getting into your home for the holidays. While they're helpful, they may not stop pests from joining your party. Home pest control services are the best way to effectively get rid of them for good.

Contact The Pros For Assistance With A Pest-Free Holiday

At the end of the day, the best way to get rid of holiday pests for good is to contact us for home pest control. We will get rid of pests so they can't reproduce and stick around to join you next year as well. Here at Peeler Environmental, we've got the expertise to take care of the problem completely and correctly every time.

We proudly offer free estimates for our valued customers over the phone or in person. We'll conduct a thorough inspection to identify the problem and develop a treatment plan. Then, we'll effectively conduct home protection pest control services to get your holiday environment pest-free.

You can count on us for truly exceptional service. Give us a call today so your home can be pest-free for the holidays!