Ants are common household pests usually considered to be nuisances. Fire ants are a different story. Removing and preventing fire ant infestations involves different treatments and methods. If you’re looking for fire ant control services in Concord, call Peeler Environmental to get fire ant protection for your home and family.

Key Characteristics of Fire Ants: A Guide to Accurate Identification

When you think of fire ants in Concord, you probably think of two distinctive features: their red color and their stingers. However, fire ants are not the only species that can be red, and hopefully, you aren’t close enough to the ants to see the stingers. So, how do you know if you’re dealing with fire ants on your property?

Fire ants are almost always outside. They build mound nests that look like piles of dirt. These nests have complex internal structures designed to protect the ants inside. Occasionally, fire ants will find a way into a building through air conditioning units, cracks in the walls, or other small openings. 

If you find what looks like a mound nest or anthill in your yard, keep your distance while monitoring it. If the ants are fire ants, you’ll want to proceed cautiously to avoid being stung. Watch to see if you can spot the ants coming and going from the nest to try and identify them. 

The Dangers Of Fire Ants: Understanding The Risks

Fire ants have stingers that they use to deliver venom. If their nest is disturbed, the ants will swarm and begin stinging. Each ant can sting several times. These stings are painful and leave itchy welts that turn into blisters. Some people are allergic to fire ant stings and may develop severe reactions. 

The risk of being stung by fire ants is great enough that you should be extremely careful when dealing with a nest on your property. Any attempt to remove it can result in the ants swarming in self-defense. You can take steps to avoid being stung while protecting your home from fire ant infestations. 

Effective Fire Ant Prevention Strategies: Safeguarding Your Home

There aren’t really home remedies to completely prevent fire ant mounds in your yard. Insects move around as they wish; you can’t keep them off your property. However, these tips will protect you and your family from stings if you suspect fire ants are in your yard:

  • Seal any cracks and holes in the walls of your home; this will keep fire ants from getting inside.
  • Apply insect repellent whenever you go outside.
  • Be careful when lifting items off of the ground outside, such as rocks or logs. Fire ants could be underneath. 
  • Wear shoes when outside.
  • Give fire ant nests a wide berth, and do not disturb them.

The best way to avoid fire ant stings is to exercise caution and try to leave the ants alone. If you find a mound nest in your yard, call a professional pest control company to help remove it. 

Professional Fire Ant Elimination: Know When To Call In The Experts

Peeler Environmental provides treatments for fire ants in Concord that will keep your family 

safe. We offer seasonal treatments from spring to fall to target peak ant seasons. Our methods include mound treatments to remove an existing infestation as well as a granular product that will prevent fire ants from returning to your yard. 

If you need professional fire ant treatment in Concord, call Peeler Environmental today. We work hard to protect homes and families from all kinds of pests.