If you could snap your fingers and make one creature disappear, which would you choose? If you're like many people, you might choose to snap away the fly. All species of flies are annoying, whether it is gnats buzzing around your or house flies landing on your food. To go one step further, the mosquito, a type of fly, is the most deadly creature on the planet.

Today we will be discussing some common characteristics of different types of flies and the reason these pests are a bigger problem inside Concord homes than you might think. For immediate pest control in Concord to deal with these pests, call Peeler Environmental. We will find a control option that best meets your needs and helps you deal with flies before they become a big problem.

Characteristics Of Common Flies

All kinds of flies have the same few things in common. They all have one pair of forewings, hindwings that are reduced to club-like halters, a large movable head, compound eyes that are sometimes large, and piercing and/or sucking mouthparts that are adapted for a liquid diet. Some of the most common species that are found inside homes are house flies, fungus gnats, and fruit flies. All three of these pests lay their eggs on organic matter and have preferences for certain objects over others. Fruit flies, for instance, almost exclusively lay their eggs on fermenting fruits and vegetables. If you want help identifying what different types of flies are inside your Concord home, schedule it for a thorough pest inspection. 

The Health Hazards Of Flies In Your Home

Having flies inside your home can be more than just annoying. These small pests carry harmful bacteria that can lead to diseases. The house fly is one of the more dangerous species in our area. While they do not bite, they can contaminate food and surfaces with pathogens that cause typhoid fever, dysentery, tularemia, and many other harmful illnesses. Other species of flies similarly spread bacteria or inflict painful, itchy bites. We aren’t even going to talk about the most dangerous fly, the mosquito, which is responsible for over a million deaths worldwide each year. Instead, we are going to offer you a simple solution to protect your yard and home from these pests year-round.

Why It Can Be Difficult To Get Rid Of Flies On Your Own

If you are looking for how to get rid of flies, your options are limited. These pests are one of the most difficult insects to eliminate here in Concord. This is due to a few reasons. To start, they travel in and out of homes freely. Unless your home’s exterior is completely sealed, you will have trouble preventing a re-infestation. Second, most pesticides are harmful when used improperly. If you aren’t confident that you can use these products safely, it is best to avoid them altogether. Finally, flies reproduce rapidly. Even if you do find a solution that seems to help, it will often not solve the entire problem. To do this, professional pest control is required.

Professional Pest Control Makes For The Best Fly Control

If you are seeing tiny black flies around your home and want them out for good, your absolute best option lies with our professionals at Peeler Environmental. We will inspect your home and implement quick-working treatments to remove these invasive insects. We will then recommend a long-term plan to keep out a wide range of pests, including flies, year-round.

Call Peeler Environmental today for direct information about our services and schedule an appointment to have different flies removed from your Concord home.