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Protect Your Concord Home From Powderpost Beetles: Tips And Strategies

September 13, 2023

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Powderpost beetles are a type of wood-destroying insect that bore through wood and reduce it to a dry powder, hence their name. They are hardy woodboring insects capable of inhabiting colder climates and, over time, cause considerable damage to your property and structures. Once powderpost beetles move onto your property, they stay and can expand their population considerably as they maintain their infestation over endless generations.

If you have discovered powderpost beetles on your property, home, other structures, and even some of your trees, you may be in danger of further damage. If you want to know how to get rid of powderpost beetles, all you need to do is call us at Peeler Environmental.

How To Identify Powderpost Beetles

A powderpost beetle can cause significant damage to wooden structures and plants. Given that infestations can be severe, here are some ways to identify powderpost beetles:

  • Holes: Seeing small holes the size of pencil leads in wood may indicate powderpost beetles.
  • Frass: Frass is very fine sawdust that may be present around boreholes.
  • Size: Powderpost beetles are approximately 1/8th of an inch long.
  • Color: Powderpost beetles are reddish-brown to dark brown.
  • Shape: Powderpost beetles are long and tubular and have club-shaped antennae.

Contact us immediately at Peeler Environmental if you’ve spotted powderpost beetles on your property, allowing us to rectify the problem before it worsens and severe damage occurs. We know powderpost beetle control.

About The Damage Powderpost Beetles Can Cause

Powderpost beetles love to bore and pass this love down to their offspring. Interestingly, powderpost beetle generations can all feed on the same wood sources; over time, the wood can become riddled with holes and tunnels. Unfortunately, these holes serve as perfect access points for water, which can then start damaging the wood - from the inside out. You may suddenly find that you are facing extensive wood rot issues where you previously detected no problem. Once you identify the damage, you must have it repaired, which can be expensive. 

Powderpost beetle treatment is easy when you work with us. At Peeler Environmental, we know how to find powderpost beetles and what to do when we find them. Get in touch with us today. 

Simple Tips To Prevent Powderpost Beetles In Your Home

Given that powderpost beetles are so destructive, here are some tips for decreasing your chances of having to deal with them:

  • Avoid potentially infected wood: Be careful to repurpose wood for projects around your home, given that you can import a powderpost beetle problem. 
  • Address moisture issues: Powderpost beetles prefer soft, wet wood. Eliminating moisture problems can help keep powderpost beetles at bay. 
  • Keep firewood outdoors: Keeping firewood outdoors and only bringing it inside when you are ready to use it can help decrease your chances of having to deal with powderpost beetles.

Treatment for powderpost beetle infestations is something that we specialize in. Contact Peeler Environmental today, and let us help you with beetle infestations. 

Total Powderpost Beetle Control Services For Concord Homes

When powderpost beetles move in, they don’t move out, and the longer they are on your property, the more damage they can and will cause. 

Peeler Environmental specialists have the knowledge and training we need to help you with any pest infestation, including powderpost beetles. Our thorough and overlapping approaches can allow you to eliminate all powderpost beetles infesting your property and help you keep them away for good. 

Don’t waste your time with ineffective DIY treatments for powderpost beetles. Instead, let Peeler Environmental technicians treat them the right way the first time. Call Peeler Environmental today. You will be glad you did. 

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