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Tips And Tricks To Prevent Wasps Around Your Concord Yard

April 10, 2023

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Many people are fearful of wasps and the painful stings they can inflict. These common insects are stressful to deal with and often cause more problems than you might think. This article will discuss why a wasp infestation is problematic and tips to keep these pests away from your residential property.

At Peeler Environmental, we strive to offer excellent treatments to control and eliminate all kinds of pests, including wasps. If pests have taken over your property, you can count on our technicians to get rid of them in a timely fashion. Get in touch with Peeler Environmental today to discuss more details about all of our effective Concord pest control options.

What Are Wasps?

Wasps are a category of insects characterized by their thin waists and ability to sting. Unlike certain species of bees, wasps have smooth stingers that allow them to sting multiple times in a row. These predatory pests often eat other insects and feed on plant nectar or human food in garbage cans.

Protecting your home from these insects isn’t easy, but you don’t have to do it alone. Turn to our professionals at Peeler Environmental today for help with all your pest management needs. 

The Problem With Wasps Hanging Around Your Yard

Although wasps in Concord are beneficial to the environment by pollinating plants and keeping insect pest populations under control, you don’t want to find them nesting around your yard. The biggest problem wasps pose is their tendency to sting anyone that they perceive as a threat.

If a wasp builds its nest above an entryway to your home, the vibrations of the door opening and closing may cause the wasp to become agitated. This is especially concerning for individuals who are allergic to wasp venom. Stings may cause severe swelling and allergic reactions in sensitive people.

The most effective way to handle pest problems is with professional assistance from our technicians at Peeler Environmental. We know how to keep wasps away throughout the entire year. Don’t wait until you or a family member is stung by an aggressive wasp; instead, partner with Peeler Environmental for complete pest protection. 

Five No-Nonsense Tips To Prevent Wasps

One way to reduce the number of wasps causing problems in your yard is to get rid of factors that may attract them in the first place. Defend your property from wasps by implementing these five wasp prevention tips: 

  1. Seal gaps and crevices in your exterior walls that may allow wasps to invade your property.

  2. Address insect problems on your property, which can attract wasps and other pests.

  3. Keep outdoor buildings such as garages and sheds sealed properly to prevent wasps from nesting inside. 

  4. Seal your garbage cans with tight-fitting lids, and avoid leaving soda or other beverages outdoors after a picnic. 

  5. Replace torn window and door screens with new, intact screens.

Even if you follow all of the prevention tips you can find, wasps may still cause problems in your yard. Get rid of wasp problems today with professional wasp control services from Peeler Environmental.

Contact The Pros For Complete Wasp Control For Your Yard

Some pest problems require more experience to handle than others. At Peeler Environmental, we believe a wasp infestation is one of those pest problems. No matter what different types of wasps have taken over your property, it’s important to invest in professional services to eliminate them.

With several decades of pest control experience under our belt, Peeler Environmental is the right choice for all your pest management needs. We’re ready to implement the most effective home pest control methods and prevention tactics available to ensure your Concord property remains free of pests year-round. Get in touch with our Peeler Environmental technicians today to learn more about our wasp removal services.

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