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Bed Bugs Identification & Prevention

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What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are little, reddish-brown insects that live off human blood. They're roughly the size of an apple seed, feed mainly at night, and are masters at hiding, so you may not even acknowledge them until you start seeing bed bug bites on your body. These bites usually appear in a line or a cluster and can be very itchy.

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bed bugs on a bed frame

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Bed bugs do not transmit disease but can cause uncomfortable symptoms, including itching, redness, and swelling. 

These bites appear as tiny, red, irritating lumps. However, not everybody reacts the same way to bed bug bites. In some cases, people don't react to them at all.

If you react to bed bug bites, you may experience itching, swelling, and redness at the bite site. In some cases, bites can even lead to severe infections.

Why do I have a bed bug problem?

It is important to know that bed bugs are not a sign of inadequate cleanliness. These insects can infest even the cleanest of homes.

There are a few reasons you may have this problem. One reason is that bed bugs are widespread in Salisbury, NC. Other primary reasons include the following:

  • You have recently stayed in a hotel or other lodging where bed bugs may have been present. 
  • You may also have picked up bed bugs from used furniture or clothing. 
  • Bed bugs can enter your house on your luggage if you have recently traveled.

You should be on the watch for these things since bed bugs are really bothersome pests to live with.

Where will I find bed bugs?

If you have a bed bug problem, look for small, dark spots on your mattress, bed frame, or furniture. These spots are bed bug droppings and can help you identify an infestation. You may also see small, red blisters on your skin. These bites are usually in a line or cluster and may be itchy. 

You'll most commonly find bed bugs in mattresses, bedding, furniture, and cracks and crevices in walls and floors. 

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

If you fear your house has bed bugs, get rid of them immediately. Here are some tips to help you eliminate these pests:

  • Call a pest control professional.
  • Wash all your mattress covers, clothes, and towels in hot water.
  • Dry your bedding, clothing, and towels in the highest heat setting.
  • Vacuum your home thoroughly, paying close attention to cracks and crevices.
  • Throw away any items infested with bed bugs.
  • Fill up wall and floor gaps and crevices.

Bed bugs are a nuisance and pose a serious health risk to humans. Call the best bed bug pest control near you if you suspect you have bed bugs. 

How can I prevent bed bugs in the future?

The key to avoiding bed bugs is to be proactive. Listed below are some pointers to help you prevent these pests:

  • Inspect your home regularly for bed bugs. Check cracks and crevices in walls, floors, and furniture.
  • If you suspect you have bed bugs, call local pest control for bed bugsimmediately.
  • When you are traveling, check your hotel room for bed bugs. Check the mattress, headboard, and bedding.
  • When staying in a hotel room, keep your luggage off the floor and away from the bed.
  • When returning home from travel, inspect your luggage for bed bugs and wash your clothes in hot water.

Reach our professionals for more bed bug control techniques for your home. 

Bed bug prevention requires a year-round effort. Contact us right now to learn more about continuous bed bug control. We service Salisbury, NC, and surrounding service areas. 

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