What are flies?

Flies are small, winged insects known for their quick, darting movements. There are many types of flies; the most common in Salisbury is the house fly. Most types of house flies are attracted to food and garbage and can carry diseases that can harm humans. They can also be a nuisance in any home but are especially troublesome in Salisbury, NC.

The common characteristics of a fly include the following:

  • A single set of wings (forewings)
  • Hind-wings
  • A massive head with a movement 
  • Large compound eyes
  • Mouthparts with piercing, sucking, and sponge-like and function for a liquid diet

Flies are irritating. If you ever notice them in your home, contact us for help. 

Are flies dangerous?

While most people think flies are simply annoying, they can pose severe health risks to humans and animals. They can transmit illnesses like salmonella and E. coli by contaminating food with their saliva or feces. In addition, flies can also spread tuberculosis, cholera, and dysentery.

Flies are also a nuisance because they are attracted to food and waste. After visiting these less-than-sanitary sites, they then commonly contaminate our food and surfaces with their saliva and feces, causing food poisoning.

Why do I have a fly problem?

Have you ever wondered why you have a fly problem? Flies are attracted to food and garbage, so if you have either of these things in your home, you're likely to have a fly problem. Some other things that can attract flies include:

  • Overgrown grass 
  • Pet waste 
  • Standing water
  • Food scraps
  • Garbage

The best way to prevent flies from becoming a problem in your home is to keep your food put away, put tight-fitting covers on garbage cans, and clean up any areas that attract flies. 

Where will I find flies?

You can find flies in various places, depending on the species. Some flies can be found near garbage or rotting food, while others are attracted to more pristine environments. Still others you'll find in various habitats, depending on the time of year and food availability. In general, you can discover flies in most places with a consistent food source.

If you see a fly in your house, you should try to kill it to prevent it from spreading bacteria. You can do this by swatting it with a fly swatter.

How do I get rid of flies?

If you find flies in your home, you have several options for getting rid of them. Here is a list of actions you can take: 

  • Use a fly swatter or fly paper to kill flies already inside your house.
  • Use a commercial fly trap or fly bait to attract and kill flies.
  • Contact professionals to get rid of them quickly and easily. 

You can also use natural ways to get rid of flies. However, calling a pest management professional is the best and most rapid solution. Our technicians have the proper equipment to get rid of flies, and they will also be able to advise you on how to prevent them from coming back in the future.

How can I prevent flies in the future?

Preventing flies from entering your home is a persistent struggle. Your home needs constant protection. You can also take some measures to prevent flies from entering your home in the first place: 

  • Keep your garbage can clean and covered.
  • Don't leave food out in the open.
  • Keep your pets clean and free of fleas.
  • Seal up cracks and openings around your home where flies could come in.

In addition, keep your property clean and free of clutter where flies can breed. And, if you see flies in your home or business, contact Peeler Environmental to remove them from your home.